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It was a perfect Arizona afternoon when Bill Blair took a chance and went for a ride on one of these new electric bikes. He had such an amazing experience riding with zero, a little, more and even a lot of “pedal assistance”. He found that the varying degrees of pedal Assistance was the “secret sauce” he had been searching for.

Bill then went out and purchased 3 different models of EBikes and just like that, PedalJetz EBikes LLC was formed. Now he was prepared to be the best of all the Electric Bike Sales in Scottsdale Arizona. He knew that once you give an EBike a chance you won’t go back. If you have ever had to crawl those last few miles, these bikes are for you!

Here are just a few of the reasons we intend to place hundreds if not thousands of these bikes into the hands of “adventurous souls” in the southwest United States.

  • Eco Friendly (EBikes burn no Carbon Fuels and make great commuting vehicles).
  • See more in less time, as average speeds with normal pedaling can be 30-40% higher.
  • Arrive at your destination in less time (or make the destination twice as far😊).
  • As of 2020, there is a great selection of Cruiser, Mountain Bike, Commuters, Cargo Movers, Beach and Snow Fat Bikes, unlike a few years ago.
  • EBikes pay for themselves when reduced auto usage, insurance, maintenance, gas, tires, etc. are factored in.
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Electric Bike Sales in Scottsdale. Pedaljetz logo